July 2021 BARDAInnovation Project Spotlight

July 2021 #BARDAInnovation Project Spotlight highlights our collaborators at #EnLiSense, whose wearable sensor technology Sweatsenser Dx offers real-time monitoring of biomarkers in sweat which helps put infection detection and decision-making in your hands. In response to an infection, the human body produces biomarkers like cortisol, cytokines, and chemokines, which can be detected in sweat even before a person begins to feel ill. The Sweatsenser Dx wearable device is worn on the wrist and designed to detect and track these biomarkers. The goal is to alert the user via a proprietary app, providing individuals and caretakers with early and actionable health information that can be translated into timely treatment for infectious diseases. Learn more about how BARDA is working with EnLiSense to help improve patient prognosis and provide personalized therapeutic treatments.